We’re Hiring! Looking for an organized rockstar with stellar communications skills.

By November 25, 2014Blog

We’re seeking an organized rockstar with stellar communications skills. When we find you, you’ll be our new Program Coordinator. 

This is a full-time, salaried position with benefits. Requirements: Minimum 1-3 years out of college, exceptional communications skills, organizational skills and all that’s below.

Tech Wildcatters is an internationally-recognized seed accelerator for startups. We take promising companies (and their founders) through an intensive 12-week program full of resources, education and mentorship. Our next program starts March 2015 and as we need to add a rockstar to the team to help us prepare and execute. This is not your typical entry-level role, it’s fun, challenging and will give you memories and skills for a lifetime. You don’t have to be heavily in-the-know about the startup community, in fact, we prefer you’re not.

Read all the way through if you’re intrigued.

And remember, how well you sell us on your qualifications for this role (i.e. how kicka*s your cover email is) is one way we get to see how you’ll communicate with the Tech Wildcatters community. And that’s a big deal.

Now close your eyes, imagine a really put together, organized, Type A kind of person…but a special kind of one, one with a personality and a complete non-fear of change happening around them. A doer with a logistical brain and a splash of creativity when an opinion needs to be tossed into the conversation. One that thrives well when given a lot of responsibility and has a great attitude on all tasks.

You’re organized. 

The kind of person who can stick with a schedule, book travel and calendars with ease and assist with (or own entirely) the event planning process for our program. Someone who works closely with the Executive Director on weekly, monthly quarterly tasks for the program in a “this work reflects on me too” kind of way. An intuitive someone who sees the future steps of a task without someone having to lay it out for them, then works hard to help the team accomplish it. Someone who actually wants to learn and yet is ready and willing to jump into the trenches with boring work from time to time (because we’re lean, and everyone will do it at some point).

You’re all about the team. You’re collaborative. 

The right candidate will be comfortable working around a passionate, creative, fast-paced group, but wants to see serious organization happen within it. Our culture is important to us, so it needs to be important to you — that means you’re collaborative, helpful and want to see others succeed before you get credit for the work. You geek out when it’s time to file or arrange things the right way. Your friends expect you to remember their birthdays, book the restaurants and know that when you say you’ll do something…you do it. Someone has complimented you before on taking initiative (“you read my mind!”), which means you see things that can be done without being told and then you actually do it, or you suggest ideas on the fly and ways to get those ideas executed too. And the attitude you have while being chief doer on the team? Rockstar status. You aren’t in it for the glamour, you’re in it to make your team and our company look good and for the pride you take in getting stuff done the right way.

You know what’s on every spinning plate at any given time and you’ll jump in to help anyone who asks.

You can communicate well. 

You don’t get annoyed when things change. Instead, you roll with it like a champ and make sure you’re aware of what’s on the to-do list all the time. You also communicate to the team when you’re working on something, hit an obstacle that you need someone to remove for you, fail or need to clarify something so you can move forward. You’re a team player (not in the cliche sense, you have to really actually be) and you have to have STELLAR communication skills (typos and poorly written sentences are really not cool) in that you can write a legit email very well and talk or message with our investors/mentors/partners and make us look great while doing it. Your boss is a stickler on this and expects you to hold yourself to a high standard here.

Think your friends would ever describe you this way?

You just read a description for our dream Program Coordinator. This position reports to the Executive Director of Tech Wildcatters but also works closely with the VP of PR/Marketing. It’s a full-time salaried position with benefits.

Send your typo-free resume and a great cover letter with your pitch to [email protected]. Tell us why you’re it. And include any links you think will help convince us.