Tech Wildcatters Company Retreat

By September 16, 2014Blog

It’s not hard to be inspired with this as your backdrop.

Last month, the Tech Wildcatters family participated in an offsite retreat in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico with the goal of teambuilding and relaxation. Several frozen drinks, humid dance parties, and team bonding sessions later, this is what we all took from our trip:

“It’s well documented that the most successful high growth firms credit much of their success to their people and culture. Part of developing a culture is regular opportunities to celebrate wins, share leadership’s vision, and just get to know each other outside of work. We chose Puerto Rico for our annual offsite this year because it’s been a big year of wins and change, so we wanted our location to reflect that. I personally had a great time watching everyone interact. I also got to see a couple of aha moments when I shared our organization’s structure and growth plans. Bring on 2015!” — Gabriella Draney, Tech Wildcatters CoFounder and CEO

“I’ve done tons of team building exercises. TONS. So when Gabriella says…”lets take a trip for team building” I’m thinking, “Hmm. What can we accomplish?” Going to Puerto Rico with our team was awesome. While it wasn’t the traditional approach: no surveys, book reports, personality analysis etc., it was so helpful. Traveling with people just makes you get to know each other better. And often, this gives better understanding into who people REALLY are. From crazy airport mimosas, San Juan Taxi drivers, the amazing ocean, lots of story telling and of course DANCING….I had a blast with our team. We laughed so much and really just got to know each other as people. So for me, traveling to Puerto Rico with our team gives me more tolerance and understanding of the people I work with and that is just priceless.” — Clarisa Lindenmeyer, Tech Wildcatters VP Corporate Affairs and PR

“I’ve always looked forward to teambuilding and offsite retreats for the renewed energy and sense of connection that they bring. This trip to Puerto Rico was no different. Being in a beautiful setting puts people at east and when people are at ease, they open up and we learn more about what motivates them. It was so nice to hear the history of Tech Wildcatters and the vision for the future of the company directly from Gabriella— no one can tell that story like she can.” — Raquel Vincent, Community Manager, Tech Wildcatters & Health Wildcatters

“Puerto Rico was amazing, a chance to break away from the normal daily routine of work and a hectic environment and switch into a relaxing bonding experience. I learned a lot about each of the ladies from the Wildcatters group. We discussed our lives and goals in a way that was positive and eye opening to my understanding of Tech/Health Wildcatters. I gained a new found respect for the hard work and dedication that Gabriella, Raquel, Clarisa, and Melanie create on a day to day basis. I heard the origin story of how Tech Wildcatters came to be, and its humble beginnings gave me insight for the battles and journey I have with the codex. I learned to think of these ladies as a family unit, in which we have debates, shared successes, and common goals. The trip was a great escape but an even better life lesson.” — Jay Henderson, Tech Wildcatters Engineer in Residence

“I’m motivated by people, so the more that I get to know people and the greater my connection to them, the more I want to serve/work with them. Puerto Rico was a great trip and extremely successful in my mind because it allowed me to get to know my coworkers better, which ultimately increases my productivity and enjoyment in my work. I really look forwarding to seeing each of my team members at work, and I know that we are all there to support each other and make both programs a great success.” — Melanie Smith, Health Wildcatters Operations Manager

A huge thank you to American Airlines for helping make this trip possible!