CEO Spotlight: Jason Taylor, Code Authority/CodeLaunch

Q: What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Have coffee, watch Fox Business News and then hit the gym.

Q: What time does your day begin?

Exactly 3 hours before the first meeting that day.

Q: What time do you end your day?

5:30pm to 9pm-“ish”, depending on business dinner plans.

Q: How did you get the idea or concept for your business?

When I was working for Cerner Corp (Kansas City, MO) in 1996 they hired this hip custom software group from San Diego to build a POC. They did great work and I wanted to be them so bad, I also wanted to build the POC. I vowed to find a way and started Code Authority in 2001 five years later. CodeLaunch is a seed accelerator we spun off in 2013.

Q: What’s behind your motivation and drive?

I want to build cool things. As much as that I want companies to call us every time there is something cool to build, and not our competitors. I want a place that is fun to work for other people like me.

Q: How does CodeLaunch work?

We invite the world to bring us business opportunities and ideas that need a software development team to create an “MVP”. We pick the best one at a finalists’ Pitch Day and “do a deal” with them. The pitch day is also a rocking party. Later our team builds the product and voila, startups are born on an annual cycle.

Q: How can you see your company making a national impact?

That’s easy. CodeLaunch is already doing that. Last year’s winner was from Boise, Idaho. This year we have almost 25% of our applications from international countries, and another 50% from States other than Texas. When the world finds out all our employees share in the equity we get in these startups every custom dev shop is going to copy this model.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge your company faces right now?

We have lots of fun startups to work for. We could use some more big established companies who need product development in DFW. Bring us your projects people!

Q: What’s your roadmap ahead?

Continue to grow our brand and swing for the fences with CodeLaunch. Continue to develop and maintain the College Football Playoff committee meeting platform. Win great projects with growing companies of all sizes in DFW and our region.

Q: Never do business with someone who _____

Is getting a startup “MLM” off the ground.

Q: Biggest goal for your company right now?

Grow local and regional business opportunities with established medium and large companies.

Q: Why start a business in DFW?

DFW is clearly the most diverse and technical city in Texas and is a national hub with direct international flights to all the important big cities worldwide. There are lots of great universities and the property values aren’t too insane (yet). Taxes are great and the suburb municipalities work with private enterprise in a really unified way. Certainly that is so in Frisco where we are located and most of us live.

Q: Does your company help out the local community?

Certainly, aside from CodeLaunch we donate a lot of our time to local Hackathons and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem events such as Dallas Startup Week. Two of our executives are deeply involved with donating time and money to ManKind, a local prostate cancer charity and have been since it was started well over 5 years ago.

Q: What’s the most common misconception about your company?

That everyone here has a man-bun. It’s actually only one dude. A man-bun is not the same thing as a brony-tail. A man-bun folds back into the hair tie thing. A Brony-tail just sticks it of it a little bit. Admittedly, there are at least two others with brony-tails, including the prez.

Q: How is CodeLaunch head and shoulders above the rest?

There are very few if any accelerators/incubators that provide a technical product development team to create an MVP. It is also a cost-free source of seed funding for embryonic stage startups with nothing more than an idea. Most entrepreneurial institutions find this stage to be risky and they are right. It may even be crazy.

Q: Best place to have a lunch meeting in Dallas?

S&D Oyster Bar.

Q: Best advice to entrepreneurs trying to get started?

Be prepared to hear “no” and not give up. But be prepared to learn and adapt each time.

Q: What’s the last thing you do before you go to sleep? (Assuming you sleep).

Completely check out with some GOT, Silicon Valley, or FO4.


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