Where There Are Startups, There’s Opportunity

By October 30, 2015Blog
Earlier this year, the team at Tech Wildcatters sat down to determine what might make a great impact to economic growth in the Dallas area. One thought kept coming up — the need to find and place great talent. So we decided to do just that.
For the second time this year, we’ve broken records and held the largest startup career fair in the city. After the Career Fair on October 22, we’ve now invited more than 600 people in our doors to help introduce them to their next potential dream job. Numerous startups and corporations have been introduced to great talent they wouldn’t have found otherwise — and we think that’s success.

The monsoon that passed through Dallas last week didn’t dampen the entrepreneurial spirits of those attending the Downtown Dallas Career Fair. Hundreds of job seekers came through Tech Wildcatters’ doors to network with 22 rapidly growing companies, some of which are based right here in downtown Dallas.

If you stopped by, you saw first hand that the Downtown Dallas Career Fair differs greatly from the typical career fair at a college or university. Not only were large corporations present but also startup companies who’ve just recently graduated from our accelerator. This was a rare opportunity to join the team of a company that could very well be “the next big thing.”

The Downtown Dallas Career Fair is an excellent example of the economic health of downtown Dallas, growing more robust each day. There’s a wealth of skilled individuals looking for work and plenty companies who are ready to snap them up and add to their staff. Our partnership with Downtown Dallas Inc. has allowed us to strengthen our ties to our neighbors downtown, and add fresh faces to the startup ecosystem. Dallas is already known as a real estate and oil hub, and it looks like technology will soon be added to that shortlist.

We’d like to thank our Downtown Dallas Career Fair partners and sponsors: Downtown Dallas Inc., Touch Titans, The Iron YardSMU Continuing and Professional Education, NEED, Research Now, The Dallas Stars, and Brainspace. Without them, hundreds of job-seekers would not have had the opportunity to network with some of Dallas’ hottest companies.

Any questions or want us to send your resume along? Email [email protected].